Best VPN For Personal Use – 10 Best VPN Services

VPN is now one of the most necessary things on our PC, in fact for some it is already a pre-requisite of using internet. There are several reasons for which netizens now need VPN, lets highlight some of the most important reasons for which VPN is used,

For Secure and Private Internet Browsing
For Secure and Private Information Transfer
To Bypass all Internet Censorship
To Access all Geo-Blocked content
To be anonymous and to hide identity
To access Hulu & Netflix Outside USA
To access BBC iPlayer outside UK
To anonymously download torrents
To securely shop around the world
To remotely access centralized information
Infinite other uses

There are several other uses of Personal VPN; however, the most important ones are already listed above.

Another reason for which I am separately writing this post is that first time VPN users often misinterpret VPN and think that VPN is very technical especially after what they get when they type ‘VPN’ on Google Search.

Yes, VPN is technical, but for users who will use it personally. It is technical for all those corporations and businesses as they use it to secure their communication and servers from unauthenticated access.

Yes, it is technical, but only if we are discussing here business VPNs like Cisco, Juniper and several others.

No, it is not technical for users like you and me, that is why it is called Personal VPN and not corporate or business VPN. Personal VPN is extremely easy to use and most of the Personal VPN Services come with not more than 1 minute setup and simple VPN software to download. Personal VPN require no hardware installation and it does not need literally any networking device or experience in using or installing. It is a simple plug and play technology like any other software or program in your PC.

There are several Personal VPN Services available in the industry, agreed, some of them are not up to the standard, but some offer excellent services with excellent customer service and support. Therefore, I have a list of Top 15 Personal VPN Services for you.



Start Price



$ 11.52/Month



$ 9.95/Month



$ 12.95/Month



$ 21/3 Months



$ 12.95/Month


VPN Tunnel

$ 7.18/Month


Switch VPN

$ 5.95/Month


Ivacy VPN

$ 6.81/Month



$ 14.99/Month



$ 4.96/Month

This is not the entire list of Best Personal VPN Services, there are several other which are reliable and are operating on standards in the industry. Feel Free to add them in the comments and for your reference here is the complete list of all the VPN Services. These VPN Services are ranked here for their customer support, features, reliability, connection stability, servers and countries they offer. Here is our  rating criteria.

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